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Greatest Chef


Objectives: To describe dishes and make them enticing for a menu


1. Go to MYLO and follow the directions for reviewing vocabulary and grammar structures. . You will be creating a menu with regional favorites of France.

2. Read the article about French Regional Cuisine La Cuisine Française

3. Create a menu and post as a comment to today' s post. Use your first name and last intial and include your class period

Regional French recipes


II. Regional Menus

Use  Regioneo to create your menu

Mon menu de+ region  : EX. Mon menu d' Alsace; Mon  menu de Nord Pas de Calais


Plat Princpal


Le voiture de mes rêves




Congratulations ! You have won the opportunity to buy the car of your dreams on Ebay France!

The only limit is your imagination. Amusez-vous bien! You won’t be finding typical American cars here. You will have to stretch your imagination!  You will post a short composition describing your dream car. You will practice your new vocabulary of colors and adjectives. Remember that cars are feminine so make sure your adjectives agree. Post your composition to Wallwisher     and be sure to post your first name , class period, and LAST INTIAL ONL Download the file and save as your last name and today’s date.  You will need to compare two different cars and fill in the charts with the requested information. Use the model as an example.

Download the file here: Download La Voiture de Mes Rêves

Search for your car

  1. First, go to and start looking at cars. Be sure to note the model numbers of the cars you like so that you can search for them on Ebay France.
  2. Go to Ebay France  and start your search.


  1. There will be unfamiliar vocabulary. Remember, Madame is not the dictionary! I’m not giving you a fish, but teaching you to fish… go to Word Reference   to look up any unfamiliar words. You will be listing unfamiliar words in the chart below. You may NOT use online translators. The use of these will cause you to fail this assignment.

 Price conversion

  1. To find the price conversion, to to  Remember that the French use periods were we use commas and vice versa!
  2.  After   comparing your two cars,  create a paragraph using  Partie B. Copy and paste this paragraph to Wallwisher  . REMEMBER TO POST YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL ONLY.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CLASS PERIOD


Ma voiture


Partie A


 Voiture #1

   Voiture #2













Nombre de portes:




Kilométrage (km):













Gris foncé



Peinture Métalisée:




Equipements de Confort:

Clim automatique, Radar de recul, Régulateur de vitesse, Sellerie cuir, Sièges chauffants, Sièges électriques, Volant ajustable



Prix en Euros




Prix en Dollars




My new vocabulary

Write the definitions of any new words you have learned here. Be sure to include the French and the English.



Partie B

Je vais acheter …

Elle est…

Elle coûte…

C’est une voiture…

 une … (give the constructeur et modèle et couleur)

use two adjectives in French to describe your car.

give the price in euros and in dollars.

give one adjective ( or two!)  to describe your car.

give the nationality of your car (you can google and check Wikipedia if you are not sure)


Copy and paste the information here to create your paragraph. You will post it at Wallwisher



Je vais acheter une Alfa Romeo rouge.

Elle est belle est rapide.

Elle coûte 15,000.00 EUR = 20,620.26 USD.

C’est une voiture italienne.


French I Leçons 9 and 10





Objective- To practice vocabulary and concepts for leçons  9 and 10 and to study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

I. Vocabulary and grammar concepts

1. Pretest- Take the leçon 9  and 10  Review Quizzes to determine your areas or strength and weakness. You may go to the online textbook to review for a few moments.

Leçon 9 review quiz

Leçon 10 review quiz

 2.  Practice your vocabulary with the online flashcards Leçon 9 and 10

3.  Complete the following grammar exercises (A-D)

A. Verb practice 1

**** Required- Er Verb practice (Choose 5 verbs)

B. Verb practice 2

****Required être/faire practice (select être and faire, avoir)

C. Quia 1

D. Quiz 2- avoir


4. Classzone A votre tour activité 9

 Navigate to the following websites and open in  separate tabs

Gilbert Jeune 


XE  to convert euros to dollars

Word Reference  to look up vocabulary words

Navigate to Classzone A votre tour leçon 9  for the instructions. You will include your list in your evaluation today


III. Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post.

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite? Type your list from à votre tour.

2. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?