Une Semaine à Paris: Final
Le voiture de mes rêves

French I Leçons 9 and 10





Objective- To practice vocabulary and concepts for leçons  9 and 10 and to study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

I. Vocabulary and grammar concepts

1. Pretest- Take the leçon 9  and 10  Review Quizzes to determine your areas or strength and weakness. You may go to the online textbook to review for a few moments.

Leçon 9 review quiz

Leçon 10 review quiz

 2.  Practice your vocabulary with the online flashcards Leçon 9 and 10

3.  Complete the following grammar exercises (A-D)

A. Verb practice 1

**** Required- Er Verb practice (Choose 5 verbs)

B. Verb practice 2

****Required être/faire practice (select être and faire, avoir)

C. Quia 1

D. Quiz 2- avoir


4. Classzone A votre tour activité 9

 Navigate to the following websites and open in  separate tabs

Gilbert Jeune 


XE  to convert euros to dollars

Word Reference  to look up vocabulary words

Navigate to Classzone A votre tour leçon 9  for the instructions. You will include your list in your evaluation today


III. Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post.

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite? Type your list from à votre tour.

2. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?  


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Today was kind of fun. i liked the game and to see what we can buy in france. i didn't like the quiz we had to take because it was hard but it did help me learn what i need to study.

doing the jepardy game with my partner. The quizes went well i guess. and i dont know what i would do differently.

My favorite game was the quia game. It was very interesting seeing Lynn Robinson try to beat me. My least favorite was the flashcards. Two things that went well was the quia game and learning more vocabulary words. I would try to work faster to get all activities done.
I got an iPad which was 499 euros and 647 american dollars.

1st Period:
my favorite exercise was the flash card, my least favorite was the game with spelling the givien word.
my two things that went well was reviewing the words things i would do differently, i would write the words down as i go.

i didnt like this at all because i did NOT know what i was doing.everything costed to much anyway and everytime i clicked something it would go to something else. but other that that i liked the stuff that was on sale.

My favorite excercise was the games we got to play on Quia. And my least favorite was the quizes we had to take at the beginnning.
I would buy more things from FNAC.com instead of from Gilbert Jeune.
Two things that went well today were the quiz grades i received and the games. One thing i woulod change from this would be the websites we got to look at, I would want a better website to see more items that are sold in France.

My favorite excerise was the shopping oneline one and my least favorite was the quizes.

1.Apple iPhone 3Gs 32 Go - Blanc(389)
2.Canon EOS 1000D(776)
3.Apple iPod Shuffle III 2 Go Silver(76)

The quizes and the review went well and i would study online more.

Ranaill D,

My favorite thing today was the shopping because i love to shop and my least favorite was the quiz becasue i dislike test.Fnac: nokia d'occasion(289,90)
inception (15,99)
monster beats pro by Dr Drea blanc (399,90)
The two things that went well were the games and the shopping we did and the thing i would do diffrent is my quizes because i didnt do that well.

My favorite game was the Quia game. It was very interesting and it gets you real invovled. The least favorite was the verb practices, because I really don't understand some verbs and it was very difficult to conduct. Something I would do differently I would stay on task and consistant. Some things that I were two cell phones a HTC HD2 and a My Touch 3g slide.

My favorite thing today was playing quia game and winning against Lauren Rainey. My least favorite was the flash cards though they were educational. One thing that went well was the quia game and learning more vocabulary words in french. I would like to improve my grades on the quizes. I bought a Téléviseur »LG 47LE5310 LED which was 940,90 euros.

My favorite exercise was when we played the game of jepordy and it had two player so i could play with a partner. i didnt have a least favorite.
Compaq Presario
Inception 15,99€
Avatar 29,99€
SALT 15,99€
Telefunken Cadre Numérique 99,90€

The two things that went well is that my reviws that i took was easy.wat i would change is that i would have more reviews.

My favorite excercise was the games we got to play on Quia. And my least favorite was the quizes we had to take at the beginnning.
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320 Noir + Carte SDHC 4 Go
119,90 €* L'APPEL DU SANGLA METHODE DUKAN ILLUSTREEAppareil photo numérique compact bridge
the quia games went well and something i would change different is nothing

77.7039 USD
Jeu PlayStation 3 Little Big Planet 2 Compatible Playstation Move
Téléviseur LCD 16/9 Sony KDL32EX600AEP
599 €*

Today I liked playing the jepordy game, and shopping online, but I did not like the length of the quizes

my favorite exercise was the flash cards, my least favorite was the game with spelling the givien word.
my two things that went well was reviewing the words things i would do differently, i would write the words down as i go.

My favorite exercise is quia exercises because it help me learn vocabulary. The least would be class zone exercises because I didn't learn anything from it. I would get a I Phone G4 but it is expesive, it is $1,035.42. The two things that went well is the quia exerises and their is nothing I would change.

Merin Mathew

Well my favorite excercise was doing the quiz.
Michael Patrick
Pd. 1

My favorite exerise is doing jepardy. I really enjoy the fact how the game was designed to link the information on the computer and is program to sync it into ones mind. I least was the the shopping, becuase I don't link shopping.
I really learned a lot and and I feel that everyday I learn, the more I remember. I really processed to informatiion I recieved today.

today i liked to shop online and i liked the iphone 3g and the HTC

i did not like the quizzes i did good but they were too long.

I bought a Bring Me The Horizon CD

playing the games and the quizzes really helped me alot. adrianna b.

Avatar 29,99€
SALT 15,99€
adrianna b.

Today's lesson went great. My favorite evercise was making the shopping list.

Réflex numérique Canon
Apple iPhone 4 Noir
Monster Beats Pro by Dr Dre blanc
Apple iPad 9,7" LED 16 Go WiFi

The lesson 9 quiz went well.

Everything went well and I bought
Faranheit 451 3 Euros
Priceless-Birdman(album) 12,29
Infinite-Eminem(album) 22
Slim Shady- Eminem(album) 14
U.S. Dolllars= $66.25

I liked the shopping ... it was niceee .
But WHOA , the stuff is waaaay to expensive . I mean the iphone was like a billion dollars . Buttttt , i totallllyyy disliked the quizes ... ew . :D

today was genial. i would say the best thing i did today was online shopping. i was able to shop at a french shop :D i bough the first four Harry Potter books...
Harry Potter et a l'ecole des sorciers
Harry Potter et la chambre des secrets
Harry Potter et le prisonnier d'azkaban
Harry Potter la coupe de feu.

I liked the jeapordy game. It was fun playing with a friend!

It was also fun doing the shopping! It was interesting seeing everything in French and how different the prices are there.

My favorite excerise was the flash cards they were challenging and funn at the same time... Patric...M

Hi......ummm my favorite excersise would have been the flashcards, but I didnt get to do them.. But the quizes were kind of difficile and boring, so yeah!!
-Caleb Bledsoe

Kaitlyn Trei

today we took a quiz. I liked playing the game against someone. it was fun.

OMG! i found the car of my dreams! its a new beetle. i've always wanted a beetle. and a "cabrolet". i <3 it! i only wish i actually owned it. but who knows wahat will happen.

My numbers and alphabet are tres bien! I am better with greets. But need help with family members and the teens to thirties, I know them but not by heart.
Luckilly I can say I'm becoming more confident in french, even more so than in spanish, we never learned the culture. Only the language out of a text book.

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