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French II- 2 novembre: Paris and passé composé

French I - 2 novembre: Holidays, days, months, time


Living statue in Brussels, Belgium

Objectives: Learning about French holidays, practicing the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, and time.


1. Go to the  French holidays site and copy the chart on your own paper. You will write the holiday, month in French and English.  You will write how the holiday is celebrated in English. In addition, you will create five fill in the blank answers WITH answers. You will turn this in by the end of the period. It is a daily grade due TODAY

2. Select FIVE activities from the Telling time exercises

3. Select FIVE activities from the Days and months exercises

4. Select FIVE activities from Saying the date exercises

5. Select FIVE activities from Weather and seasons exercises

 Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post. 

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite?

2.  Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?


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my favorite excerise is the one with telling time. the least favorite is the weather and seasons.

the holiday worksheet and the excerise went well.i would study more and practice at home.

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