French II Semester Exam Review Day 3
French I Lab Assignment 7 septembre


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I was having a few problems and i think this was alot of things to do to get to the online text book. The two things that went good in here was getting to see the flash cards and getting to see the text book.

Justin Johnson, period un

When practising on Discovering French Nouveau, I really emphasised my practises on the numbers and sounding out many french words using what I know of l'alphabet sounds. I hope to learn to pronouce and read, but also, to learn to say as much basic as possible!

i learned the numbers and the basic words and also the days of the week. i still dont remember some of the numbers and stuff but im getting to the point where i know them

Belen G.
2nd period

today went yery well. I found everything fine, and I helped the student next to me. and not only did I have fun, I reviewed some things and learned some new things.

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