French I Semester Exam Review Day 3
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French II Semester Exam Review Day 3



Using your previous Word document, delete any uneeded information (directions, etc) and crop your screen shots to get as many on your page as possible. Make sure your document has a header with your name and numbered pages.




1.Read Xavier’s post on L'Enfance De Xavier . In English, write a short summary of each paragraph and using Word Reference give the definitions of five new words you have learned.2. Using your chart from the first day, you will select SIX activities from the following pages. Be sure to take a screen shot of all activities.



Websites- Consult the following websites for online practice.


Languages Online- Français

French Conjugation


Languages Online- French Topics

BBC French

Bitesize French


Post Activity

Print out all work work by the end of the period.


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Mon menu de France


Pate de melon au jambon

Plat Princpal:

Mahi Mahi


Charlotte Au Chocolat

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