French II Semester 2 Review Day 1
French I Semester Exam Review Day 3

French I and French II Semester Exam Review Day 2

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Bruxelles, Belgique

Review Day 2- Grammar Practice

Pre-Activity French I and II


1. Create a word document with your name and today’s date. You will make screen shots of each completed exercise

2. Complete the following exercises and make a screen shot  (CTRL = PRINT SCREEN)  Crop each exercise so that you can fit as many as possible on the page.

GSSE Bitesize Grammar



Dates and times

3.      Verb Conjugation:

·        You will choose five verbs for each exercise.

·        Look at the chart you made yesterday and use the verbs on your list of verbs you need to practice if possible.

·        You will set your time for five minutes for each practice

·        When your time is up, you will select View and take a screen shot of your score





Activity French I

Present  Regular verbs

Present Irregular Verbs

Irregular IR Verbs

Present All Verbs – Choose 10 verbs here

Passé Composé Avoir



Activity French II


Present All Verbs- Choose 10 verbs here

Passé Composé Avoir

Passé Composé Être

Passé Composé Reflexive Verbs

Imparfait All Verbs – Choose 10 verbs here


Post Activity French I and II



4.      Print your screen shots and be sure you have written your name and grade on each sheet. The grading scale will be on the board.


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