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Guest Blog Post: Merci José Picardo!

Un grand merci to José Picardo, an amazing educator  and Head of Modern Languages, from Nottingham High School, Nottingham, UK. José, who is a member of my Twitter Professional Learning Network (PLN), asked me if I would write a guest post for his extremely helpful Box of Tricks. Box of Tricks is a website aimed at providing educators with important information about technology and language learning.

In Resources: Keeping them real and keeping them together,  I explain how I use authentic resources and how I attempt to organize my resources. My entire follow up to this article can be read at my Francophile blog.


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Thanks for a great post, Andrea - I got some good links out of it! I am trying to encourage my department here in Manchester, UK to contribute to our own diigo group - the link is here:

Thank you for your encouraging post! I have added you as a contact on Diigo. Good luck with your department Diigo group. Bonne continuation!

Thank you Andrea for contributing. It is a wonderful article and I am very lucky to be able to publish it on Box of Tricks.

Take care.


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