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French II- Un Diner à La Française Day 1

French I- Fêtes and places in town

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Photo de la neige en France

Objectives: Learning about French holidays and practicing vocabulary for places in town.


1. Open a Word document and save it with your first name and last initial. DO NOT PRINT until you have been given instructions.

2. Title the assignment Holidays and Places in Town

3. Copy and paste the following into your Word document. 

  1. List the  public holidays in France that  we do not celebrate?


  1. List the days that we have as public holidays that don’t exist in France.


  1. These fêtes are all “typically” French. Identify the month, in French when they occur.  Explain the name of the fête in English. Explain briefly how each one is celebrated. 




How it is celebrated.

La fête des rois



La chandeleur



Le Carnaval



La victoire



La fête nationale



La tour de France






Le prix de l’Arc de Triomphe



Le Toussaint



 Modified from Francofiles


1. Go to the Francofiles site, read the information  and complete the chart

2. Go to the Languauges Online site. Select Encore Tricolore 1 Unité 7. Complete the exercises 1-10.

Post activity- Evaluation

How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post.

1. What did you learn today?

2. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite? 

3. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently? 


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If I was going to tilte a french one textbook i would call it french at a glace.

The text book title should be Discovering French: Nouvou!

I would name it french un

1. I learned about all of the French holidaysss.(:

2. My favorite was the chart my least favorite was the otheeeeer thing.

3. I did the chart well and I wouldn't realllly do anythiing differentllly.(:

I think the name should be Allez veinz .

I learned about all the holidays the French have and how they are celebrated.
My favorite activity was filling in the chart.
I did the chart well and can improve by learning more about the holidays.

I learn the in France their are many sport holidays and they are very interesting. My favorite exercise was filling out the chart and my least favorite was explaining how they celebrate it. I thought I did really good spending my time wisely and finishing my work, I would like to next time elaborate on my work a little more.

I learned about French holidays and how they celebrate them.
My Favorite Activity was filling out the chart. I could improve on the activities at the other website but other than that i wouldnt change anything.

I learned about all the different French holidays and the differences between our celebrations and their's. I enjoyed the chat the most, and I could have done better on the activities but there wasn't anything that seemed to have needed change.

I learned about the French holidays it was very intersting how they celebrate more holidays than we do but it was fun learning about them it was really fun :)

i liked the exercise that we did with the chart. i didnt like the website. it was hard to understand. i think that i did good on everything today i was on task and focused.

Today i Learned about some of The French holidays and how they are celebrated.
My Favorite thing will probably be when i log out.
I could improve by learning more about these Holidays and possibly learning how they got started and why they do some of these things.

I learned alot of holidays that they had.and some that we not have they are very close with there history,i think the book could me name into to french

i learned about the holidays i i loved the chart and hated the questions and

I learned about the different French holidays and how it is celebrated. I enjoyed reading about the french holidays.

I learned about new holidays. I enjoyed the chaart.

The chart helped me remember the holidays i had already learned and taught me the ones i had not. I would have made the questions a bit more specific about the questions in how many holidays we had to list.

I learnt about the interesting holidays in France. I favorite exercise is the chart thing. and I hope I could have more time on the language online exercise.

I learned about different holidays and places in town. My favourite activity was the matching activity with the drop-down menus. My least favourite was the multiple choice. Everything was easy and I learned a lot, I just wish I had done better on the some of the activities.

old french and it should hav everything the regualr french one book have

I learned that a lot of French holidays involve feasting. The chart was my favorite exercise and the questions were my least favorite. The chart and locating the holidays was easy and one thing I'd change is how many holidays we have.

i got to see all the french holidays

I learned about more French holidays and what we dont celebrated. i like most the chart because i understood it.

The most intreresting part was about the holidays. I have learned a lot of the diffrences between the American Holidays and French Holidays.

the most interestin part was seeing all the diffrent holidays thats in france

Today I learned more about French holidays. I also learned how their holdays are similar and different to ours.
I enjoyed the games about the vocabulary over family. There were a few activities I wish I could have done better on.

i learned alot about french holidays and how they celebrate it

i learn all about french holiday

I learned more about the holidays in france,the questions were best because they were easier and one thing i learned was the holidays compared to the american holidays.

I learned a lot of French Holidays. The chart was my favorite excercise and the questions were my least favorite. The Languages Online was cool.

I think that this chart was a good thing. I learned about the different holidays that are in France.

1.I learned more about french holidays.
2. The questions. the chart.
3.the website is a little confusing.

The holiday i thought was the most instresting La chandulaer . Because they eat pancakes. I learned that french people have many holidays to celebrate.

I learned that the French have a special day for eating pancakes.
My Favorite exercise was learning about French holidays.
Everything went well, I want everthing to go well next time too.

it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

i learned about thes holidays in france!

i learned about french holidays and how they are celebrated i enjoyed filling out the chart because it helped me understand more about the holidays and how they are celebrated and the diffrence in the holidays they celebrate and the ones we celebrate.i wouldnt of changed anything i enjoyed the work today.

It became very easy to understand especially when we were working together. we learned alot and of French holidays that we didnt even know exsisted! On top of that it was very fun!!!

I learned and compared the diffrent ways we and France celebrates their holidays and i also found alot of intresting information about the holidays they celebrate but we dont. It was fun in a twisted way.

There's nothing to change about to day. it was successful, well for me. i hope i can retain everything that i learned today:)

i learned that there are a lot of french holidays that involved both feasting and sports.

I've learned that in France that Labour day is on May 1st, there's a holiday called Bastille Day in France, and there's Virtory Day for the victory of World War 2 in Fracne.

I learned that France has many holidays. The best holiday that I saw was The carnival because it looks like a fun parade.

I liked the activity in which we posted ideas for a new book I also lioked learning about new French holidays tho my computer blacked out

1. Discussed languages with Madame.
2. Learned a bit more on adjectives.
1. Wish there was a longer class period.

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