French I Leçon Unité 3 Leçons 5-7
French III Tâches Ménagères

French II Unité 2 Leçons 5-7


Objectives- Practicing Passé Composé (Perfect Tense)

First create an account at Wikispaces. DO NOT create a new wiki.

. Creating an acccount at Wikispaces. You will follow the directions on the powerpoint to create an account at Wiksipaces. Make SURE you create an acount for your correct class period!

Period 5

Period 7


Download how-to-use-wiki.ppt (545.0K)

I. Complete the following exercises.

If you have difficulty, read the instructions Passé Composé Explantation

Passé Composé Exercise #1

Passé Composé Exericse #2

II Past Tense activity-

First, complete the following chart. Copy and paste the second page into a Word document.

Download Unit_2_leon_5_les_activits_du_week_version_3

Next, you will write a composition about a weekend in Paris. Copy and paste the second page into a Word document.

Download unit_2_leon_5_les_activits_du_week_version_2.doc  


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I like answering questions this way because it helps me understand beeter.I liked the amusement park and all the videos. I also liked the puzzles.

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