French I Leçon 9
French III

French II Leçon 9

Photos from the Ashcombe School

Objective- to practice skills from leçon 9

1. Pretest- Take the Leçon 9 Quiz

2. Practice with the online flashcards

When you choose your exercises you will list the topic and the url in your word docucment. Choose six activities from the following website


II- French holiday activities:

1. Open the Advent calendar and choose an activity

2. December 6 is St. Nicholas! Read more about this holiday here

3. Check out the activities from :


Fête d'Enfants 

Tête à Modeler

III. Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post.

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite? 

2. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?  


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I did ok on the pretest i wisk i could have done better. the activities made me better. If I din,t do activites I would have failed. Butnother than that al the activiteis were fun.

i did ok on the pre-test. my favorite excersise was all the activities helping with the vocabualry. 2 things that went well were that i learned the vocabulary better and i understand everything more. i wouldnt do anything differently because i liked everything.

My favorite exercises were the crosswords and fill in the blank food and beverages. I did well on most of those practices. What I would do differently would be to write down what I don't know so I only have to study those things.

My favorite exercise would be learing more about St. Nick he sounds awesome and way more noble than i thought a fat guy could be!!! =). My least favorite thing was the quiz becasue it was boring. I did good on the games and learing about st. Nick, i did OK on the quiz....i wouldnt do the quiz.

My favoriteexercise was the matching of the foods. My least favorite was the crossword because i dont know how to spell all the words.

The activity and coloring went well.
I would have tried to pass the pre test more.

My favorite exerosise was the fill in blank of foods. My least favorite was the matching.

Things that went well were doing activies and coloring the people.
Things i want to change is have more time at doing stuff.

1) I liked the matching activities for the food, and the various online games on St. Nicholas. I did not have a least favorite activity.

2) Two things that went well: the game activities and the matching excersice. I would expand my french vocab more about food before randomly guessing on those excersices.

everything has gone well. the activities were fun, but one of the crossword puzzels had the pictures switched so i was confused at first.

1.The encore tricolore;; the classzone

2.things that went well was the coloring &the puzzels. The classzone didnt go well because of my classzone messing up.

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite?
The Matching
2. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?
i got everything right in some of the excersises. I would study more

I did okish on the quiz. My favorite exercise was the matching. My least was the fill in the blank. I liked the games on the St. Nicholas website, though I wish we had more time to play the games.

I really liked the second website for holiday learning. The one about st. nicholas. i also liked the other websites. The food websites were easy.

COLORINGG !!!!!!!! food gamess :(((
more games with easier food items

I likeed th st. nicholas sites. I also liked the ordering of the sentences in classzone. I found some of the foods hard to understand.

My favorite exercises were the matching and fill in the blank. I did a good job on the practices. What I would do differently is actually try to do the exercises I didn't really konw how to do.

My favorite exersize was the coloring and the food fill-in-the blank vocabulary choices. I learned the vocabulary and discovered my weak spots. I would practice the "du" "des" and "de la" pairing more if I were to do this again.

i did bad on the pretest. my favortie excersise was the matching words and the food together. i really liked to see the eifel tower in real time that was nest. i know i spelled that wrong but i'm going to go home and look it up. I would look at the flashcards longer.

I liked the lesson though i did horrible on the test the cards were good and so were the mini lessons the saint nick story was cool too :)

i did horrible on the pretest.:( but i did good with the flashcards and the other exercises. i feel the class was a little pressed for time and we were rushed. that's all mostlytime was the only thing i wish i could change.

I did good on the test as well as the other task. I really enjoyed todays activity as I enjoy everyday in French class :)

I did pretty good on the pretest, so yeah, I'm happy. I wish we had some more time to learn about St. Nick, that was my favorite part.

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