French AP- Si on allait au ciné
French II Unité 2 Leçons 5-7

French I Leçon Unité 3 Leçons 5-7


Living statue in Brussels, Belgium

Objective- Reviewing ER Verbs, être.

Complete the following exercises:

1. Listen to Bonjour Madame and complete the activity.

Select Chapter 3- Verb être

2.Do you like
Choose two activities here

3. Classzone Leçon 7

Do all of the activities for leçon 7 at the average or challenge level.

4.A Votre Tour Leçon 6

 the rides and attractions. Which rides would you like to try at each park? Tell which rides you like (j'aime) and don't like (je j'aime pas). Write this in your evaluation.  

 Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post. 

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite?

2 Amusement parks- Visit each of the parks and look at the rides and attractions. Which rides would you like to try at each park? Tell which rides you like (j'aime) and don't like (je j'aime pas).

3. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?


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My favorite excercise was all of them they where all fun and i learned alot of them my favorite was j'aime because it was very fun and i learned a lot from them excersice.

my favorite thing was when it was singing the sog and the least favorite was typing the answer because it wouldent work for me.

I liked the exercises that we did first with the do you like activities, that was a lot of fun. I didn’t really like the one that we did after that, the activities for leson 7, we do those all the time. j'aime le'author. je n'aime pas de parc asterix.

J'aime "Do you like"
Je J'aime pas Classzone

I didnt get see any rides

i think what i could have done was a little more effort in speaking the language and trying to understand some of it. all the excersices i liked all of them.

The best link/activity today was the Languages online quizes and activities. Today what went well; I learned alot of new phrases and recapped on some I might have forgotten. One thing i would have changed about today is how to get into the amusement park activity... I was not able to get into it I don't know if I was doing somthing wrong I just could not find it.

My favorite was tu aimes jouer au tennis, and qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire. I dont have anything i dont like. The best thing i did today was I participated . The thing i wish i had done differently was i didnt do everythiing

1. MY favorite exercise was the interactive website, while my least favorite was the chapter or lesson test.
2. I couldnt find the names of the rides, and when i tried to get to a spot on one of the websites, it crashed my internet explorer.
3. I thought the interactive website about the likes and dont likes was a good idea.I liked the amusement park tour idea, but the sites were very confusing and they crashed my internet.

1. The amusement parks link was my favorite. - Classzone Leçon 7 was my least favorite.

2. J'aime vertigo. Je j'aime pas Tornade.

3. I wish I could have more time to check out the parks. I would want to check more parks out and do more activities like these.

i had alot of fun and stuff i liked the futere animal ride and i didnt like the rollercoaster ride i had alot of fun on the packman game but i wish i had known the waether effects for the answers

my favorite was the do you like excercise because it taught me how to find out if someone like or dislikes dislicked activity was the third excersise because all the other excersises read the phrases to us and the third one made us read them and it was a little hard to tell wat it was meaning. the ride i liked was the ceaser ride. i di d good on all the activities and i would read my book more so i can read french a little better.
Aaron S.

1.My favorite excersise was the interactive website and my least favorite was the the lesson test.
2.I couldnt find the name of the rides but my favorite one was the tallest one ot was green with red it looked fun.
3.One good thing about today is that i almost finished everything and the bad thing is that i could've probably done better and i have noticed my french is getting better.

My favorite exercise was the bonjour madame, and my least favorite was the expressions. J'aime asterix ride.
Two things that went well today was that i was able to practice and i got most of my vocab. One thing i wouldlike to change was to take notes on the news things i learned but i didn't.

J'aime A Votre Tour of Lecon 6. Je n'aime Pas Classzone Lecon 7. J'aime the roller coaster ride 'EcoDingo' from futuroscope. Two things that went well were that I did the activities well and I didn't go to another website. I wish I could have done better on Classzone though.

Favorite; The amusement park onee was my favoriteeee!(:

Least favoirte; The lescon 7
J'aime La Gyrotour.
*1 I learned a lot about different rollar coasters.
*2I got all the questions right on the 'etre' thing.
+I would not listen to music in class, that's what I would do differently.

J’aime “ La Ronde”.

Je n’aime pas “Arthur le aventure 4D”

Today I liked the vocabulary activity we did today, I also like the fact that we get to do this commemnt thingy, it is an awesome way to reflect.
I had some teqhnical difficulties, but other than that, every thing went great.

1) My favorite exercize was the Bonjour Madame activity.
2) J'aime EcoDingo. (Futurescope)
Je n'aime pas La Ronde.
3) I did well at being out which pronoun went with which verb and general vocabulary/context clues, but I had trouble with matching plural -ER verbs to their pronoun counterparts.

My favorite thing was the bonjour madame song hahahahah and the Jaime and Je n'aime pas excercise this computer lab visit was very fun

I like the ride in La Ronde,but i don't like the Parc Astérix.
I should spent less time on the first and second activity, cause i don't have enough time to check out the parks.

1st prd.

I love the ride in La Ronde, it really wants me to go to France and visit. I equally viewed all the activities, lessons, games and the various parks. The strangest park of this period was the Bonjour song- it's stuck in my head.

The game activities were fun, the other ones; not so much.
Looking at the parks was fun, they look different than American ones.
The activities and parks went well, but I had troubles with my headphones.

I like the orang and green roller coaster. I'm not sure what the name of it is. I also like the number and the "je'mappel" activities on the bonjour madame link.

J'aime La Ronde.
Je n'aime pas exercises.

Overall the computer lab was successfull.

Happy Birthday to me :D

the game are awsome and lookin at the ridee make me want to go to paris...french is easy and i enjoyy it

Very helpfull.
The ride sounded pretty cool.

the videos in the beggining of the lessons were hilarous...

Khyra W.

I really liked the Futuroscope ride. It seemed really cool but hihgly expensive!
It was totally different from the amusement parks here.
I also enjoyed the "do you like" game, I think my french is getting alot better.

first of all, i disagree that tatiana is on *the great*.

in other notes, the activities were fun. the middle one with the quiz was my least favorite and the interactive activities were the best. the theme parks were good, but the middle one shut down internet explorer.

i like the interactive actitivies
what i didn't like was the lesson 7 test
j'aime ecodingo
je n'aime pas parc Asterix
ishould spend less time on the second activity because i did not have enough time to throughly look at the parks.

i loved the amusment parks they are so diffrent from what we have here especially the futurscpoe it's so dianamic . i like the one with the waterfalls and everything it's amazing i wish we had somthing just like that here in houston. except in english so everyone could be apart of it.

1. My favorite exercise was filling in the blanks on Classzone questions, because they helped me with -er verb conjugation. Least favorite: perhaps the song, because it didn't teach me anything.
2. J'aime Arthur, L'Aventure 4D (futurescope) et Le Parc Asterix, mais je n'aime pas La Ronde.
3. I reviewed conjugation and had fun, which was good, though I perhaps should've done more on that Australian French language website.

I enjoyed most about the expressions. The least favorite was the asterix because i dont know where to go.

Learning french this way is easier.
The amusment park's videos, and the crossword puzzles quiz.I think the quiz on the challenge level was a bit hard.

I enjoyed the many activities that we did today. The games were very enjoyable.

I really like these activities, they are very helpful. It makes me more confident about French.

j'aime le park
je n'aime pas la class zone

i liked the excersises because they were fun while they tought me.

the games and activties were fun. i didnt get a chance to look at the park but i managed to finish evrything else. i had a little bit of trouble with the goodbys n stuff but im pretty sure ill get it down soon just need to read a little more.

i liked the videos and the activity "do you like"from watching the video of the amusement park i want to visit france in the future.

I liked the exercises because they help me work on my vocab. J'aime parc Asterix. Everything went well but i would have spent more time on the parks.

i think the excersises were very helpful and i got to understand them w/ the graphics better

my favorite was the exspressions. the part i liked the least was the song.

Mu favorite excercise was the songs because I can't fail them and thy are tres corny.I didn't get to the amusement parks computer wasn't working.

the crossword puzzle was my favorite.
nouveau a la ronde.
the quiz and the games went well.

Everything went well i think it really helped me with both my vocabulary and my spelling.

1) My favorite activity was the was the Do You Like activity. My least favortite was the Leçon 7 activity.
2) My favorite roller coaster was the arthur roller coaster.
3) I wish I could do more activities and look at more roller coasters.

Very helpfull.
The ride sounded pretty cool.

I liked the conjigating practice it helped a lot and now I know how to answer those questions

I liked the quiz,but I really liked the flashcards, they seemed really helpful.I don't think i have a least favorite they were all pretty cool.

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