French III Tâches Ménagères
French II Leçon 9

French I Leçon 9


Objective- To practice vocabulary and concepts for leçon 9. To learn about French holiday customs

I. Vocabulary and grammar concepts

1. Pretest- Take the leçon 9 Review Quiz to determine your areas or strength and weakness. You may go to the online textbook to review for a few moments.

2.  Practice your vocabulary with the online flashcards

3.  You will do a minimum of three activities from the following websites:
**** Required- Er Verb practice (Choose 5 verbs)

****Required être/faire practice (select être and faire, avoir) 

Quia French acivities 

Languages online

Classzone A votre tour activité 9

II- French holiday activities:

1. Open the Advent calendar and choose an activity

2. December 6 is St. Nicholas! Read more about this holiday here

3. Check out the activities from :


Fête d'Enfants 

Tête à Modeler

III. Evaluation:  How did today’s lesson go? Answer the following questions as a comment in today’s post.

1. What was your favorite exercise? Your least favorite? 

2. Two stars and a wish: What two things went well and what would you do differently?  


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Two things I did well today was conjugating the regular er verbs and working on the flash cards. I think I could have done better on conjugating the irregular verbs.

I did really good with the er verb practice and I was able to understand about 80% of the practice test. I wish to have study more so that I can do best on the semester exam.

I liked the Er Verb practice and the etre/faire practice and the Saint Nicholas background story. I wish I could have visited more of the sites and have done better on the Lecon 9 review.

What two thing went well today was that i learned a few things on the flashcards and that the activities i thought they were fun especially the one where they sang the santa clause version in french. One thing i could have done differently was that i could have done better on the quiz i missed a lot of qestions so that means i need to study big time.

what went well today is that i lerned a lot of new things on the flash cards and learned some new activities for christmas. some i disliked today was the review it was okay i did pretty well on it but i didnt know a couplw of the things it was asking me for so yeah i do need to study and brush up on my french reading skills.

Aaron S.

i learned alot of new words from the flash cards. The review was pretty hard because i didn't know alot of meanings but if i had read the flashcards first i probably would've gotten a better grade. I didn't really understand the holiday things. Other than that, everything else was pretty good.


I found it quite gradifying to see the way that some belive christmas was started. I enjoyed the activity that was etre. It helped me to see that the best thing that i can do to study is look at the congragation on the verb.The only thing that i didnt enjoy about today was that i could have done better was use the flashcards more effictivly, thats something that i do need to work on. My favrite excersize overall was definatly the one with the etre verb i didnt really understand it until today.

i liked taking the color quiz in french and i didnt like the verbs test i wish i would of known the pronouns a little better and that i had payed a bit more attention where everything was

the activity i liked the best was the flash cards the one i liked least was the er verbs activity

i did well on the er verbs and the theb flash cards, one thing i could of done better is the review

My favorite page was the St. Nicholas pages, they were very informative! It also helped me learn more abou it

Two things I did well on:
- Lecon 9 review quiz
- flashcards (I knew the majority of the words)

One thing I could have done better on:
Conjugating irregular verbs such as etre/faire/avoir.

I enjoyed the christmas activity the most. The flash cars helped me alot but I still need alot of work. I did not like the congomos pages. I still need a lot of work with those.

morgan 1st period

I liked learning aboutttt alll the Santas around the worlld(:
I also liked thee er thingggg,.
I didn't like the pretesttt.):
I would've done better on my pretest.

Two things that went well today would be the er werb practice acitvity and the flashcards, i was surprised that i knew so many of them. one thing that i think could have gone better was my preformance on the lecon 9 review i felt that i knew very little of the vocabulary and my grade on the review proved it.

I did really good with the games and hands on stuff. I did not like the quiz to much because im not weary good at reading and writing french.
This was veary helpful though.

I like doing the verb practice.I also enjoyed reading about Saint Nicholas.I wish I would have done better on the review quiz.

I liked the activity where you answered different forms of verbs, as well as learning of december holidays in france. I didnt like the review test.

Hello madame my favorite exercise today was the flash cards because it let me see how good i have become in french and my least favorite exercise was the pre test because it was a little bit harder han the flash cards. I took the test two times and the second time i did better.

Today’s activities went very smoothly. I found that on the pre-test I did really well, so hopefully it stays that way. The Conjugation exercises were very useful as well, they were somewhat a review. After I was done with the entire work for today I got some recipes from the St. Nicolas holiday sites. It was really fun.

My favorite exercise the Tomiltoo. My too least favorite were the -er and -ir practice activities. One good thing I did today was understanding the vocabulary. Two things I would've done differently werelistening to the pronunciation of words in the flash cards and taking more time to understand an exercise.

My favorite activity was the flash cards, I find them very helpful.
I did not have a least favorite activity, however, I had some difficulty with conjugating verbs.

I like the er verb and etre practice and Le Calendrier French word puzzle, but I don't like the classzone test, I can't understand it. I wish I can see how the French daily life is like(in 2009). and I think I should try harder on the numbers.

I didn't like anything. Everything was too hard for me and I spent all my time talking.

I enjoyed the verb practice. I really needed help on it.
I also like the holiday activities.

My favorite exercise was the er and faire verb exercise and the word puzzle. My least favorite exercise was the Pretest, because i didn't really understand it. The two things that went well were the verbs and the flashcards. What i would do differently is to practice reading more.

The Advent calendar excercise was a good memory refresher. It helped me recall months and days.

My favorite activity was either the flashcards or the holiday stuff.

I did well on the pretest and the -er verb conjugations. I need to work on conjugating faire, être, and avoir though.

Everything was good. The pretest was kinda hard

i like where we got to chose our own activity i like the hangman game and matching game

I liked the battleship games. It helped with er verbs. It was fun.

It was alright.

2nd period

the battleship and hangman really enhanced my learning and understanding my french.

i wish i could have learned more because i did a little good on my er verbs

i think that the flash cards helped as always n one thing i couldve done better was conjugate the words better.


My favoright activity today was on the Quia website- which was battleship. i really enjoyed sinking my opponets ships while learning more about french. It was very fun. One thing that i did not like was the pretest- it was pretty boring and not fun at all. This trip to the computer lab in my eyes was a hailing sucess.

I liked the er verb and conjugation practice i did not like the classzone test. I would like to learn more about french holidays.

i like the flashcard and learning about the holidays it shows me the diffrent holidays they have that arnt the same as our holidays its very interesting and fun.

the activitys were very different but fun and the quiz was a little challenging. but for the far most ; i enjoyed it.

I did great on the pre test and did a crossword puzzle that i did awesome on.

My favortie activity was learning about how the french culture spends christmas1 <3

I think that the vocab went well it showed me what I nedd to work on. I wish I could know how sentances are put together

I enjoyed playing the games and learning the activities.

this was alright but it could have been better though

1. I liked the "er" game and the french activities.
2. I didn't like the quiz because i did horrible on it.
3. I would of practiced on the er verbs alot more if I could of done it differently.

I learned lots of vocabulary and that the French celebreate their christmas December 6. I like the crossword puzzle.

everything was fun and useful

it was really hard. i did get one right on the pre assesment.

i did good with conjegating er verbs i need to work on my vocabulary and i like the game thingy

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