French I - Café Performance Assessment
French III- Le Look

French II Unité 1 Test Review


Quimiac, France

Objective- To assess oral proficiency and to prepare for unit 1 test

Part 1- Oral Proficiency at Lingt Language

1. Prepare your headset and microphone: The red plug goes on the left. Check your settings to be sure that the sound is not muted.

2. Navigate to  French II at Lingt Language. You will complete ALL three assessments. Be sure to put in your NAME and CLASS Period.

Part 2- Test Review

Objectives- Talking about people and their activités (leçon 3); Going places, talking about past actions and future plans (leçon 4)

I. Classzone online workbook and gapfill exercise

1. You will complete ALL exercises for leçons 3 and 4 at Classzone online workbok Unité 1; Leçons 3 and 4. You may consult your online workbook to review any points you need help with.

2. Go to On cherche un correspondant and complete the gapfill exercise.  When you have completed the exercise go to the Personal and social life page to complete the exercise

3. Go to Les adjectifs and complete the exercise

4. Go to Quia and complete the following exercises Allons dans un café   Aller, depuis, venir

Jeopardy Leçon 4

Post Activity- Evaluation: Two stars and a wish

 Two stars and a wish… What two things went WELL today? What would you have done differently? You will post a comment to today's post. Use your FIRST NAME ONLY and class period.


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i know my reflective verbs, my animals.

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