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Go Pink!


Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions portent le ruban rose pour un monde sans cancer du sein.

During the month of October, Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions will be dressed in pink to raise awareness of breast cancer and all other forms of cancer. We have signed up to "Go Pink" at Pink for October and we would like to challenge others to do the same.


For more information about breast cancer and other cancers, please click here to read the page Le Cancer... Croire. Se Battre. Gagner.

French II- Describing People 22 septembre être, adjectives


Santa Claus et moi quand j'étais petite!

Objectives:Describing people (physical  and personality) with être and descriptive adjectives; reviewing verb  être, c'est vs. il/elle est.

Pre Activity

 Review the online vocabulary with  at the Classzone Unité 1 Flashcards


Reviewing the verb être:

I. Complete the following exercises from Languages Online

French/Encore  Tricolore Unité 5

II.  Complete the following exercises from the Online Workbook Unité 1 at the AVERAGE level:
Adjective Agreement:

  • Langue et communication A: Les expressions avec être
  • Langue et communication B: Les adjectifs: forme et position
  • Langue et communication C. Quelques adjectifs irréguliers
  • Lague et communcation D: C'est ou il est

Review the vocabulary from Quia  and complete two of the online activities.

Post Activity- Evaluation: Two stars and a wish

 Two stars and a wish… What two things went WELL today? What would you have done differently? You will post a comment to today's post. Use your FIRST NAME ONLY and class period.

French 1- Au Café: 22 septembre

Tu veux aller au café?

These are some cafés I visited during my last trip to Paris. I had a diabolo menthe at Tribeca, the cheeseburger maison at No Stress Café, and the Salade Bérnais at Le Relais Gascon. J'adore les café de Paris!

Café Tribeca

Café Tribeca-  Rue Cler, 7ième  Paris

No stress café

No Stress Café,   Place Gustave Toudoze, 9ième Paris

Relais 4

Le Relais Gascon rue des Abbesses 18ième Paris

La Salade du Bérnais est déliceuse! 

Objectives- Saying that one is hungry/thirsty; ordering food/drink at a café

Pre Activity- Vocabulary Practice

Go to Classzone and practice the Unité 2 Flashcards for seven minutes. Make a note of any vocabulary that is particularly difficult. Make plans to study the difficult vocabulary at least ten minutes a day.

Activity- Classzone Online workbook and Quia online games

1. Go go the Online workbook Leçon 3 and complete the exercises at the average level. Which questions are the most difficult? Make notes of these.

2. Complete the following online games at Quia. Which was your favorite?

Au café un/une

Au Café- Rags to Riches

At the café   First, review the list of terms.  

Next, complete two of the four activities. Which one(s) helped the most?

Post Activity- Evaluation: Two stars and a wish

 Two stars and a wish… What two things went WELL today? What would you have done differently? You will post a comment to today's post. Use your FIRST NAME ONLY and class period.

Bonjour et bienvenue! Français I et II

Cathedral Nantes3
Cathedrale de Nantes as seen from the guestroom of my friends'  home in Nantes. Quelle belle vue!

Objective- Signing up for the Classzone online textbook and  working on survival booklet.


Signing up for the textbook

1. You will navigate to Classzone and follow the directions on the handout.
2. Be sure to use the same log in information as you do for school.
3. Remember to write down your user information so that you can access your account from any computer.

Creating French Language Boot Camp Survival Booklet

You have signed up for French Language  Boot Camp to prepare you for your upcoming trip to France and you need to prepare yourself a survival manual.  Using the double sided list of expressions you will:
1. Illustrate ten expressions (Use both sides of the sheet)
2. Create a matching quiz and answers of ten expressions from your double sided list of expressions.
3. Create ten original scenarios modeled after the scenarios you did in class. Example: Your teacher is speaking so fast you can not understand. You would say... (you will include the answers as well).

Survival Booklet Rubric


9-8 Demonstrates Exceptional Language Ability and Creativity

Strong visual appeal

All items are correctly labeled in the target language

Shows variety and creativity

All components are present:  10 illustrated expressions, 10 matching questions, 10 scenarios


7 - 6 Demonstrates Good Language Ability and Creativity

Some visual appeal

Almost all items are properly labeled

Some variety and creativity

Most items are present


5-4 Demonstrates Progress Toward Language Competence and Attempts at Creativity

Little visual appeal

Some items incorrectly labeled

Little variety or creativity

Half the items are present


3-2 Demonstrates Need for Intervention and Shows Little Creativity

No visual appeal

Many items incorrectly labeled or not labeled

No variety or creativity

Less than half the items are present


1 Unacceptable

Work falls below the above descriptions or is inappropriate


9-8 Demonstrates High Proficiency

9 = 98%

9-8= 94%

8 = 90%

7-6 Clearly Demonstrates Proficiency


7 = 7-6= 84%

6 = 80%

5-4 Demonstrates Progress Toward Proficiency

5 = 79%

5-4= 75%

4 = 71%

3-2 Demonstrates Strong Need for Intervention

3 = 69%

3-2= 66%

2 = 63%

1 Unacceptable

1 = 40-






Self Evaluation:

Peer Evaluation:
Teacher Evaluation: