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French II- Day 1 Comic Book Toondoo


C'est moi, quand j'avais 16 ans

Objective- To post draft of comic book and create the first page

Placing draft on Wiksipaces

1. You will type your draft of your project onto your Wikispace Page. Scroll down beneath your château project and create a heading titled Mon Enfance. Be sure to insert your accent marks (see making accent marks in the Pages section of this blog).

2. Type the first page of your comic book into your wikispace page. Period 3 ; Period 4

 All pages must be completed by Sunday, May 3.

Creating a Toodoo Comic Page


4. Create your first page. Do not spend a lot of time doing this! You can edit it later! Choose the one panel layout. Save with your First name and last initial. Use the tags of French, childhood, and Mon Enfance. Be sure to save to your TOON BAG

5. You will complete this process until you have created all of your pages for your Comic Book

6. You will then create your Comic book and embed into the Wikispace Page

Embedding the Toondoo into your Wikispace page

5. Select Embed and copy the code from your Toondoo. You will use the FIRST code.

6. Go to your Wikispace page and select Embed Widget- Other HTML.

7. Paste your copied code.

8. Save your page.

Important Dates- Final project due by THURSDAY, MAY 7

Sunday, May 3- All text must be placed on Wikispace page

Monday,  May 4:  Period 4 Lab 122

Tuesday, May 5 Periods 3 and 4 Lab 122

Wednesday May 6, Period 3 Lab 122'

All comic book  must be embedded by Thursday, May 7th


French II- La Routine Quotidienne- Daily Routine and Reflexive Verbs


Objective- To use reflexive verbs to describe one's daily routine

Pre- Activity- Read about how to form reflexive verbs

1. View the Powerpoint on Reflexive Verbs

2. Go to Languages Online. Select French, then Grammar, then Reflexive Verbs. Read the Grammar Explanation

Activity- Complete practice exercises

1. Complete exercises 2-11 of the Reflexive verbs

2. Practice conjugating reflexive verbs. You should practice with TEN verbs.

3. Choose two reflexive verb games at Quia.

Post activity- Application and Reflection. You will reply to this post using your first name and last initial.

1. Application: In French, tell what time you get up, what time you get dressed, and what time you go to bed.

2. Reflection: Two stars and a wish- What two things went well today and what do you wish you could have done differently?

French I- Internet Scavenger Hunt


Objective- You will take a virtual scavenger hunt to locate various monuments and locations in Paris.

Before completing the activity- Preparing your document

Right click and "save as" you last name with today's day. Open Word and locate your document. Type into the gray text boxes. Be sure your name is on both pages.

Download unit_5_lab_activity_scavenger_hunt.doc

During the activity

You will not have time to waste. You should be able to complete all questions within the time allotted.

When you have finished, print out your document and check your name off on the roster.

  • Click here to convert Francs to Euros

  • To find the Metro station, look for the red M.

  • To see a close up view, find the address of a monument and put the address in Google Maps

After the activity- Reflection on activity


Respond to this activity by copying the following questions into the comment box. Answer all questions. Remember to use only your FIRST name and class period.

What new vocabulary did you learn today?
What I liked about these exercises...
What I didn’t like about these exercises...

Which scavenger hunt item was the easiest to find?

Which scavenger hunt item was most difficult to find?
What I would do differently....


French II- Je me souviens: Using the imperfect to talk about the past


Oui, c' est moi quand j' étais petite!


What was life like when you were little? What did you do? Who were your friends? Where did you live?

To describe these events, you will need to use the impefect tense.

1. Create a Word document with you last name and today's date. You will print this by the end of the period.

2. Follow the directions for the activity step by step. Go in the order the directions are written.


Objective: To understand the uses of the imperfect, to recognize its forms, and to conjugate verbs in the imperfect

1. Imperfect description- View the embedded video and write a summary in English of the video on your word document.

2. View the second embedded video and write a summary in English of the video on the word document.

3. Go to Languages Online

a. Select French

b. Select Grammar Units

c. Select Imperfect Tense

d. You will complete ALL exercises

4. In your Word document, you will describe the imperfect in your own words and write the correct endings. You will also do a screen shot of the scores of your quizzes.

5. Print your  Word document and check your name off on the roster.

Post Activity

1. Be sure your information is correctly embedded on the French II Wikispaces page

Period 3

Period 4

2. You MUST cite your sources

3. Your photos MUST come from Flickr Creative Commons. Pictures must be cited!

4. Your Powerpoint should be uploaded as a file and the information MUST be pasted into YOUR wiki page.

5. This must be finished by 3:00 TOMORROW. Grades are due this week and this assignment should have been completed by now.

Français 1- Faisons les magasins le 14 avril

IMG_0371 IMG_0316


Faisons les Magasins- Clothing French I

First, download the Word document and save as with your Last name and today's date. Open the new Word document. I am pasting the document here to make it easy to navigate, but you should type into your own Word document. Be sure to include your name in the header and number the pages. You will print after you have completed the reflection activity. Be sure to check your name off on the roster when you have printed your work.

Download faisons_les_magasins.doc

This activity is modified from Le Shopping à Paris

created by Beryl Druker and Deborah Berg 


Objective: To use an online French mail order catalog; to be able to convert American and European clothing and shoe sizes; to convert  dollars to euros and vice versa.  To compare French and American clothing styles and prices.

  1. What are the popular brands and stores in the US? First complete the USside. Then, go to - Les marques plébiscitées par les ados to complete the French side.








Sacs à dos



B. What  are you clothing sizes in France? Use this website  to find your French Shoe size

Clothing size

C. You are inFrance

shopping for three different outfits. You will be purchasing an outfit to wear to a party with your new French friends, a wedding you will attend there, and a weekend at the beach. You have a budget of  600 euros to spend for all three outfits. Before you start getting all excited, this amount is  $ 950.721 in US ! You will need to save a lot of money before your trip!

You will need to give the article of clothing, the color and size (in French of course!) and price. You will need a top, bottom, and shoes for each outfit. You will calculate the price in Euros and the price in US dollars as well.

La Redoute (Ados)

Les Trois Suisses

H&M (femmes)

MiDia (streewear) 


Currency conversion

Pour aller à une boum

Catalogue/site web :





Total Euros      Total $

Pour assister à un mariage 

Catalogue/site web :





Total Euros      Total $

Pour un weekend à la plage

Catalogue/site web :





Total Euros      Total $

Grand total- Euros          $

  1. What are the similarities and differences you observed about  French clothes and American clothes?

Unique to US

Similarities France/US

Unique to


E. List here any new vocabulary words you learned

French word

English word


Post Activity

Reflection- Two stars and a wish…

What are two things that went well today?



What one thing would you do differently?