Français 1- Faisons les magasins le 14 avril
French I- Internet Scavenger Hunt

French II- Je me souviens: Using the imperfect to talk about the past


Oui, c' est moi quand j' étais petite!


What was life like when you were little? What did you do? Who were your friends? Where did you live?

To describe these events, you will need to use the impefect tense.

1. Create a Word document with you last name and today's date. You will print this by the end of the period.

2. Follow the directions for the activity step by step. Go in the order the directions are written.


Objective: To understand the uses of the imperfect, to recognize its forms, and to conjugate verbs in the imperfect

1. Imperfect description- View the embedded video and write a summary in English of the video on your word document.

2. View the second embedded video and write a summary in English of the video on the word document.

3. Go to Languages Online

a. Select French

b. Select Grammar Units

c. Select Imperfect Tense

d. You will complete ALL exercises

4. In your Word document, you will describe the imperfect in your own words and write the correct endings. You will also do a screen shot of the scores of your quizzes.

5. Print your  Word document and check your name off on the roster.

Post Activity

1. Be sure your information is correctly embedded on the French II Wikispaces page

Period 3

Period 4

2. You MUST cite your sources

3. Your photos MUST come from Flickr Creative Commons. Pictures must be cited!

4. Your Powerpoint should be uploaded as a file and the information MUST be pasted into YOUR wiki page.

5. This must be finished by 3:00 TOMORROW. Grades are due this week and this assignment should have been completed by now.


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J'aime bien ce blog, meme si moi, j'enseigne l'anglais :)

Je me lever au 6:30
Je s’habiller au 6:40
Je se coucher au 11-12

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