French II Semester Exam Study Guide
French II- Leçon 9 Foods and expressions of quantity

French I- Lab Leçon 9

Unité 4 Leçon 9 Les personnes et les objets





First, go to and review the notecards for Unité 4. Also, complete the online workbook exercises for leçon 9.

In Les personnes et les objets, you learned how to talk about young people and their pastimes, how to describe people, and how to talk about what people have.



TASK 2  Ma Chambre de rêves

You have won 1000 euros from Ikea and 1000 euros from Les Trois Suisses to redecorate your room. Browse the rooms here to get some inspiration


Complete the chart below with the items you are purchasing for your room You must buy a bed ( don ‘t forget the mattress!), a dresser, a desk, and a chair. The rest is up to you.







ex  lit











































































































Task 3- Reading in French- You will read several different texts. Use to look up unfamiliar words. Do NOT use online translators to translate blocks of text.  For each text, find five new words you have learned. You will also give a summary of what you have learned in English. You will post these as a responses to this post


Text 1- La Quotidienne


Text 2- Barack Obama- Vikidea


Text 3- La Maison Blanche


Text 4- L’Incroyable Destin d’Obama



Task 4  Wordle word clouds

Look at the word clouds and identify the most important words in Obama's letter to his daughters in French and in Engish. Which words are most important and why ?

Wordle: Obama's Open Letter to His Daughters Wordle: Obama Ecrit Une Lettre à Ses Filles





A Letter To My Daughters


La Lettre de Barack Obama


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Today i spent about 14,95 euros.
I only bought a chair and table but that is about it.

my favorite part was choosing the stuff for "my room"....the letters from barack obama to his daughters were also very interesting!

My dream room is very laid back with my favorite colors. M dressers and bed have a modern sleek look to them and i like my bed low to the ground because i move around alot in my sleep, so with it being close to the ground it won't hurt so bad if i fall off. :)

I chose a bedcover with a chalk outline of a dead person and heart monitor pillows. Overall, I spent 427,00 euros and discovered that the French use commas in place of decimals.

I liked a bed and Ill get a tv later, thats it for my room. Es Lerber Demokratie!!

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