Un Dîner à la Française- Day 1
French I- Cultural activities

Un dîner à la française Day 2

Objectives: To select menu items for French meal; to edit budget; to understand how to create the French shopping list; to discuss project.

Before you start, check out which fruits and vegetables are in season. http://www.nrdc.org/health/foodmiles/results.asp?season=23&state=45 .  Using fruits and vegetables in season is important when creating a menu.

1. First go to the HEB circular so that you can have an idea of what items cost.


2. Read over the project. If you have questions, please write them as a comment to this post.

3. FInalize your menu. Start with French Food and Cook. Be sure to copy all URLs into your document to that you can find your recipes easily.  ALL recipes must be approved by me in advance if they do not come from the links I have here. The Food network is not an appropriate resource for this project.

The purpose of this project is to learn about FRENCH meals from FRANCE. Foods from other francophone countries are not appropriate for this project.

I have put together some links that may be helpful for the project. The links specific for the project are at : http://www.iKeepBoo kmarks.com/ Andrea_Henderson /La_Gastronomie/ French_Cooking_ Project  http://delicious.com/AYHenderson/FrenchCookingProject

If you click on TOUR, you can go easily through the links.

The Meilleur du Chef site is in both French and English. There are illustrated recipes as well as video taped recipes!

My general cooking links are at :

http://www.iKeepBoo kmarks.com/ Andrea_Henderson /La_Gastronomie




4. Save and print your Cooking file. Remember you have until February to get this finished!


Evaulation- What questions do you still have regarding your project? Copy and paste your menu (do not use the boxes) as a comment to this post. Do not include URLS.


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Unable to post menu due to the fact that I must have recipes approved.

Entrée: Soupe à l'Oignon gratinée
Plat Principal: Fricassée de Mer et sa Julienne de legumes
Salade: Green Salad with Vinaigrette à la vinaigre blanc
Fromage: Mozzarella
Dessert: Crème Brûlée
Boisson: Water

Total Meal- $50.00
Entrée: jambon, fried pickles
Plat Principal: fish with potatoes au gratin with green beans and rice
Salade: Une salade verte avec vinaigrette
Fromage: bleu cheese et fondue
Dessert: Crêpe, Chocolate mousse, crème brulee
Boisson: Apple cider, l’eau, un soda, une lemonade,

Matthew Mounzer

Budget- $40.00

French menu:

Hors D’oeuvres -Mozzarella cheese, under tomato, with basil olive oil, and lemon juice.

Fish Course- Smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Main Course- Duck with vegetables.

Salad- Lettuce with vinaigrette.

Cheese plate- Brie and La Vach Curie.

Desert- Tiramisu. Crêpe.

Boission- Water.

French Union Soup

Salmon and Spinach terrine - Special rice

Green Salade w/ dressing




Entrée- Italian/French Tomato Salad
Plat Principal- Chicken and Tapenade "En Papillote"
Salade- Green salad with vinaigrette dressing
Fromage- Camembert
Dessert- Chocolate Mousse
Boisson- water

Budget: 57$
Entrée: French onion soup
Plat Principal:
Salade: Une salade verte avec vinaigrette
cheese: bleu cheese et fondue
Dessert: creme brulee
Boisson: water, soda

grille sandwich for lil sis and some tipe of salad for the older ppls

Budget $50

Entrée: roasted potatoes
Drink: White Wine
Dessert: Gratin de Fruits rouges
Main Course: : sauted chicken in bearnaise sauce
Cheese Plate: Camembert

Hey, So I'm still not sure as to what I will prepare. But I know that I am making French Onion Soup for the entrée and a salade ofcourse. Water and possibly wine.

I havent decided on what i want to cook so i will givethe menu later

I havent decided what i wanted to make yet MMe

Main-penne pasta with prosciutto and broccolis
Appit.- onion soup
salad-Une salade verte avec vinaigrette
cheese- brie
desert-creme brulee
boisson- water

Do we need to put the budget and recipts in the scrapbook? i threw the recipt out! I didn't think that we needed it because it wasn't in Nick's scapbook. Did you just add that part in for this year?

Do we need to put the budget and the recipts in the scrapbook? I threw the recipt out because i didn't think that we needed it because in Nick's scrapbook he didn't have it.

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