French III- Learning about art
Un Dîner à la Française- Day 1

French I Practice être, avoir, adjectives, et plus!

Objective- To review grammar and vocabularly
Using the Languages Online Website the following exercises:

Part I.

Part 2

Next, go to  Vive Noël  and play some of the games here.

Part 3

Finally, go to the following post, read about Beau Sapin and visit the site.  Use Wordreference  if you need help with the words 

Part 4

Evaluation/Reflection-  Paste the following as a comment to today's post

 Evaluation- Two stars and a wish- What two things went well today and what would you do differently? What was your favorite exercise? Least favorite?



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two stars and a wish :)
two things that went well were all the review activities and the games. they really refreshed my memory. my favorite was the matching activities. and my least favorite was the timed ones.

Two things that went well today were the verb excersices and I also enjoyed the comics and their illistrations. One thing I'll need to work on is my vocabulary and the verb etre. My favorite excercise was the matching the words. My least favorite was the crossword puzzle.

Marguerite G.
1st period.
Today I enjoyed the activities. They helped immensely with my confusion with the verb etre. I also got amble practice with the months of the year, learning that France's "Fourth of July" is really in November. Although all the websites helped with my journey to learn french, I must say that I enjoyed the last website most.

-It was fun to learn the different months in French.
-I learned alot from the pictures and learned the months.
-There was nothng i would change.

What two things went well today and what would you do differently?
The two things that went well today is that i understood more french than i thought and i learned new words.
What i would do differently is study a bit more.

What was your favorite exercise?
Les six premiers mois (Match up)
Les six derniers mois (match up)
C'est quel mois? (Multi choice)
Toute l'année - Contre la montre! (Ordering)
Toute l'année - Contre la montre 2! (Ordering)
Les 12 Mois (Crossword)
Le Verbe "être" (Match up)
Le Verbe "être" 2 (Match up)
Le Verbe "être" 3 (Match up)
Le Verbe "être" 4 (Match up)

Least favorite?
L'année en France (Match up)
L'année en France 2 (Match up)
C'est en quel mois? (Match up)
Mets les phrases en ordre! (Ordering)

My favortie game was vivenoel site, because it ttaeches you recitpes words and more.. It was really fun and plus you had to figure ouy how to play the game in french.

I thought today's lesson was fun becuase of all of the exercises. My favorite excerise was the ones from, but my least favorite exercise was the matching.

I liked today's lesson and thought it was very educational, but I wish we had more time to play some of the games.

i like the polar bear game and the santa puzzle and i wouldnt change a thing

All 4 of the etre verb exercises was good. I didn't really like matching up the holidays and the games were fun.

everything went well and i would not change a thing. i didn't have a favorite because they were all so terrific.

1- The simple exercises helped me think faster at some of the tropics of french.
2- I became more familiar with the verbs and learned how to use them more effectivly.
3- Go to the right computer room.

Least-Toute l'annee
most- Decorating the christmas tree!

I liked the games on the christmas website and the multiple choice questions. I would get to the right computer lab. The multiple choice questions were best but the match up's were boring.

the most things i like Les six premiers mois(match up)
i will not talk as much

the comics and the christmas game website were fun, and I really wouldn't change anything.
Loved all hated none

The Christmas games and Part I were fun. Nothing was wrong at all. Liked- Vive Noel

Ecerything went well today. I wouldn't do anytihng differently next time...except maybe study more?

I liked the Vive Noel page because the games were fun and christmasy. The review was easy but confusing in some ways. I would change the exercises to make them more fun. I liked the review but not really.

I liked the verb matching and the timed matching but the holiday things were a little odd.

Two stars and a wish- What two things went well today and what would you do differently? What was your favorite exercise? Least favorite?

I liked the matching games and the tree decorating game. I would not look at the pig comic.
My least fav. was the crossword.
My fav was santas workshop thing

-It was fun to play in the santa's house thing.
-I learned alot from the pictures and learned the months.
-I would change the the fill in the blanks i really didn't like those

i really liked the games and the review of the verbs. it helped me helped me understand them a little more!!

What two things went well today and what would you do differently? I liked all of the activities they were entertaining and simple.
What was your favorite exercise? My favorite was the Noel site.
Least favorite? The Languages, but it was easy either way.

i thought that today was very fun and the first learning exercises really helped me with verbs and the games were really fun

this was amazinnnnnnnggggggg

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