Les élections en France- Xavier Sartre
French II Leçon 9

French I Leçon 9

Objective- To practice vocabulary and concepts for leçon 9

1. Pretest- Take the leçon 9 Review Quiz to determine your areas or strength and weakness. You may go to the online textbook to review for a few moments.


2.  Practice your vocabulary with the online flashcards


3.  You will do a minimum of six activities from the following websites:
**** Required- Er Verb practice (Choose 5 verbs)

****Required être/faire practice (select être and faire, avoir) http://conjuguemos.com/home/docs/nologin/french_verbs_verbs_8.html 

Quia French acivities http://www.quia.com/shared/french/ 

Languages online http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/french/french.htm

Classzone A votre tour activité 9


4. Evaluation- Two stars and a wish- What two things went well today and what would you do differently?

5. Paste  your urls for your exercises today, and your evaluation as a comment to this post.


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-I thought the flashcards were very helpful. i learned alot from it.
-The quiz was very easy and fun to do. It helped me practice my verbs.
-There was nothing i would do differently. It was all good.



1. the flascards help me understand misunderstood vocabulary.
2. the game of identifying house items left me understanding the unit better.
3. i would do more activities

Two things that went well today were the -er and etre and avoir practices and the activity practices I did. One thing I'd change or need work on is my vocabulary. My favorite exercises were on the quia activity link.

my favoret was the famiely members

Loved the battleship activities on Quia

http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/french/sect14/no_2/no_2.htm is one of the url's i went to and it was okay

http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/french/sect25/index.htm and this was the second one and its wasreally fun

Khaled W

I loved the games and the quiz and flash cards. They help you to understand the french language better. I would have put more activites. http://www.quia.com/shared/french/

-I thought the flashcards were very helpful. i learned alot from it.
-The quiz was kinda hard but i got a pretty good score. It helped me practice my verbs.
-There was nothing i would do differently.




The games on quia.com were my favorite.
Games make things easier to understand and more fun to learn.
I also really like the flashcars, especially since you have the option of heraing other people say the words.
I would have spent more time on the battleship on Quia


I liked the flashcards alot.
I also loved the Languges online activities, it really contributed to helping me on exactly what i like and what i need help on.
I wasnt to fond about the Quia activities i think i could've done better on those.

i really liked the flashcards & i think i did well on my quiz!!!!

Two stars and a wish:
The lesson 9 quiz and the games went well. The crossword puzzle because i got to competive.

My favorite activity: matching color game

My least favorite activity:
Crossword puzzle.

1.The activities and flash cards helped me remember some words and how to use them.
2.the pre-test was somewhat similar to the words that we have seen so far, but different ways how to use them.
3.I wish we could do an excercise that would involve us to learn how to use these new words in sentences ... and what they mean!!

-the flash cards were he best.
-and i like the one with the destinations.
it helped me kno the diffrent ways of transportation.
i would have played more games.


-I liked the flash cards.
-The quiz really helped me beacuse it showed me on what i needed to work on.
-I would have tryed to do more activeties.





I did well on the pretest, but when I did quizzes it was a lot harder. I studied my vocabulary with flashcards.Placing the articles on a word is hard, but the games posted above helped.I wanted to play more games on transportation.My favorite activities are the Language online activities.

Two stars and a wish- What two things went well today and what would you do differently? two things that went well today were the er verbs and the puzzle, one simple, one fun. The thing I would do differently is study more.

i liked the word search, battleship, tetris game, conjugation practice, and fill in the blank practices.
all activities were under

all the activities were fun and benficial so i wouldnt change anything

Today i took the Lesson 9 Test and passed only missing 2 questions. The -er verb practice was very easy, but the -faire verbs were too challenging.

the flashcards helped and they helped learn new words and phrases

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