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French II Leçon 7

French I Leçon 7

Objective- To talk about what you do and do not do.

1. Download and fill out the verb chart for -er verbs and être. You will print this out when you are finished. Save as your last name_verb chart. Be sure to type your name into your chart. You will need the chart for the compostion activity.

Download er_and_etre_verbs.doc

2. Complete the Online exercises for leçon 7.  You should choose the average or challenge levels only.

3. You will write a short composition of six sentences describing what you and your friends do when you are on vacation. You should use only the words you know and online translators are NOT allowed. You will illustrate your composition with clipart in Word. Downoad the document for instructions.

Download leon_7_writing.doc

4. As a comment to this post, please fill out the evaluation.

EVALUATION-  Two stars and a wish what two things went well and what would you do differently?


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everything went well and i wouldn't change a thing.

Everything pretty much went well.

i really liked the wordsearch and i enjoyed the quiz. i think it would be fun if we could play like a two player game.

i played like four of the matching ones, and they help a lot.
personally i still liket he old - schooled flashcards, i just wish we had more time to go through all of the activities.

I like how i learned more about the adjetives. I would want to study more and get more done

I like how i learned more about the adjetives.We also went over the mascalin and femine versions on the chart. I would want to study more and get more done.
Jaques Simmons

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