French I Project- Pourquoi apprendre le français

Bonne rentrée!

Bonjour les Chevaliers et bienvenue!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready for a wonderful new year of French class. The district theme this year is "Opening minds to open doors" and it is so appropriate for emphasizing second languages. By allowing yourself to open your mind, you will be able to experience a new language and different cultures. You will open doors to new friendships, travel, and career oportunities. The world is your oyster!

In class and in French club we will be spotlighting a different francophone country/region and for August/September we will be looking at the province of Québec. Québec is celebrating their 400th year this year and there have been  many events that have taken place this year. Here is a link to the festivities Mon Québec 2008. Additionally, you can find a timeline of the history of Québec . Sir Paul McCartney sang for an event on the Plains of Abraham and you can hear him sing Hey Jude. You will be able to participate in a poster or essay contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. The theme this year is Samuel de Champlain, the father of New France.

You will find syllabus information as well as specific information for each class on the classroom pages:

French I

French II

French III

French IV-V AP

I look forward to a wonderful school year! Bonne rentrée tout le monde!




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I took a a lesson quiz on Unit 3 Lesson 5 and did one activity with -er verbs. the test was very easy, but the -er verbs were a bit tricky.

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