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Français II- 5 mai- Redirect to Mon Enfance blog

French I Review Unité 6- 5 mai

French I- Review Unité 6

Objective- To review for test Unité 6.

Remember homework is due on TUESDAY at the BEGINNING of the period and the test is on THURSDAY.

Before starting the exercises- Create a Word document and be sure to include your first and last name in the header. 

Task 1- Go to Classzone Chapter 6 and practice with the online flashcards for 10 minutes.

Task 2-

  • Complete the online workbook exercises for Leçon 6. You should choose the average or challenge questions. Create a Word Document and paste your results in the Word document. Create a header so that  your name and page number appear on each page.
  • You will complete the online workbook for lessons 20-17 (start with 20 and work backwards).
  • You should paste the results ONLY into your word document.
  • Take the quiz at the end of the assignment and do a screen shot of your results.
  • Print your Word document

I’m finished Madame, what can I do next?

·        Go to Classzone and look at any of the A Votre Tour activities for Unité 6

·        Go to Quiz and complete any of the review exercises

·        Visit any of the sites from our previous online shopping experience.


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