Les Sports en France
French II Exam Day 1

French I Exam Review- Day 1

Download exam_review_day_1.doc

Objective- To review for the semester exam- Friday we will have the writing and listening test!

·        Create a new Word Document with your name and today ‘s date

·        Copy and paste the chart below or you may download the form (see second page) and complete the chart. This will be your study guide

·        Go to GCSE Bitesize French Grammar and complete all of the grammar activities.

·        Make a screen shot of your final score for each grammar practice

·        Crop and make these smaller so that you can fit several on each page.

·        Read Xavier’s new post on sports. We will be working with this tomorrow.

·        Print out your study guide with the screen shots at the end of the period.

·        Evaluation: What do you need to study most? Answer this question in the comments section. Be specific! Include the chapter, objectives, specific grammar and vocabulary. 


Vocabulary Unité 4

People, physical descriptions, personality, nationality, aspect, room furnishings, prepositions, everyday objects, color, attention getters, expressions of opinion 

Copy and paste the chart below into a word document (or you can download the form).

Objectives- Check off the appropriate columns








People and their possessions

Describing yourself and others

Describing your room

Talking about possessions

5 City life- the home, the family, and urban activities

Describing your city

Finding your way around

6 Shopping for clothes

Talking about clothes

Discussing shopping plans

Buying clothes

7 Leisure activities

Discussing leisure activities

Describing vacation plans

Narrating what happened

Copy and paste the grammar and vocabulary topics you know really well, moderately well, or not at all!


Grammar topics I know well

Grammar topics I know moderately well

Grammar topics I do not know at all!






Vocabulary  I know well

Vocabulary  topics I know moderately well

Vocabulary I do not know at all!





Vocabulary Unité 6

Clothing and accessories, descriptive adjectives, beau/nouveau/vieux/expressions of opinion, stores that sell clothes, vendre, choisir, money related expressions, expressions with avoir (besoin de/envie de)


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