La Routine D'Ann
La Routine d'Amber


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• Where is the region located? Is it near an urban area or is it isolated? What are some of the geographical features of the area? This mountain is located in Quebec, Canada, and Beupre. Its isolated and has snow on it.
• What means of transportation would you use to get there? You can use a plane, train or bus, or direct planes.
• What are the current weather conditions in the region? Mainly cloudy, slight shower risk, cool
• What sorts of lodging options are there? Do they vary by season? If so, why? You can do the bike n camp, canyoning. No
• What sorts of sports or activities are there? Do some of these vary by season? Why or why not? Biking, camping, bar or pub, swimming. Yes because when the snow melts, you can’t ski, and when it’s cold you can’t go swimming

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