Chez le Coiffeur Elyza et Hannah
Devoirs Français III 13 février


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so cute!
you need to work on pronunciation alot, but it's pretty good.
I say 7(Demonstrates Proficiency) (84).

This was nice. I was able to understand most of it, although there were quite a few glitches in speaking. I give this a 6 or 80% because it was a good try and fit the assignment well.

They could obviously speak fairly fluently although they giggled and that threw them off a lot. Everything else was perfect.
9 - 98%

Really good! You guys spoke fluently and clearly. But prononciation was kinda poor. Overall you guys did awesome! :)

Pass around mike, don't hesitate when about to say a word.

Minor Grammatical errors
Some attempts at complicated structures
Some gaps in fluency
Acceptable pronunciation
Thorough response

Good dialogue, but obvious pronunciation difficulty. Could pronounce words decently, but not quickly.

6 Clearly Demonstrates Proficiency

This was a fun assignment. I like commenting and listening. Prononciation errors. Grammer errors.
7 = 87%
Clearly Deomonstrates Proficiency

i enjoyed listening to your conversations ;] work on your fluency more. overall, this shows proficiency. 87%

Clearly Demonstrates Proficiency.
7. 87%

we should have cut back on the laughing. we should have sped up the talking to make it sound more natural. and we should have practised before hand so we the dialogue would have flowed better.

very good. I think you guys could pronunciate better, but it was a good try. demonstrates high proficiency. 8-90%

Ya'll were very good. it was fun listening to it. 8-9 high proficiency 94%


Ok, wasn't bad. NEEDS TO BE LOUDER!!!!!!!!! Besides that, you need to be more careful in your pronunciation of some words such as famille. Aside from that, try and work on speaking without having to stop to figure out the next word.

my score: 7-6: 84%

pronouncitaion learning the vocabulary need some work. but other than that was was good =]

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