Devoirs Français III 13 février
Le Sport


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Demonstrats high proficiency although pronunciation was off. Their creativity makes up for that though.
9-8 94%

they clearly demonstrate proficiency and good acting! =] 90%

Demonstrates High Proficiency
The prononciation was good, and it was clear and loud.

high proficieny,
clear and loud.


very good. You need to speak louder though, i could barely hear yall. Good pronounciation, Demonstrates high proficiency. 9-94%

Speak louder. It's really hard to hear. Good conversation. Pronounciation was very clear.
9-8 = 94%
Demonstrates High Proficiency.

Demonstrates High proficiency.
9-8. 94%

you could barely here what they were saying. but from what you could hear you can tell that they know french and sounded very authentic and natural.

Hi French IV commenting here...
You guys should speak louder next time into the microphone.
However, the French sounded very nice but it can be a little more fluent at times. Well done!

Demonstrates High Proficiency: 8 = 90%

I like couldint hear it, but from what i could tell it sounded pretty good. the pronounciation was good.
8= 90%

Speak louder, please. Alternatively, hold the microphone closer. The seemingly random "zero" was the easiest word to hear, ironically.


You definitely need to speak louder or hold the microphone closer while speaking. Ironically, "zero" was the easiest word to hear.


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