Chez le Coiffeur- Lindsey et Felice
Chez le Coiffeur Lindsey et Shawn


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This was really fun! I loved being able to go back and hear myself; I sound very American! Thanks Madame for leting us do this broadcast!

Michael needs to talk into the microphone.
Ani is too close to the Microphone
Overall good dialogue


Michael needs to speak into the microphone.

Ani needs to overcome his Pokemon obsession.

9-8 94

HAHA! Really funny!
You guys did really well and were even able to make jokes! That's great!
9 (High proficency) (98)

Dude step away from the mic a little. LOL. Very good grammar, good conversation, and slitely funny. (7-6)

Ani needs to back away from the mic and Michael needs to speak louder!
Good pronunciation!!

good vocab and grammar. ani, you sound like you're spitting into the mike :)
cute joke

9-8. 98%

Michael should speak up next time and Ani should have spoken further away from the mic. Other than that, very good in pronunciation and grammar.

Very good! Michael needs to speak up a little bit and ani could be a LITTLE further from the mic but it was realy good! even funny!

I really liked it. It was very humorous. Very flowing and interesting details. 9 = 98%

this was funny, i like how you took the assignment and made it your own. just work on the pronounciation a bit, it flowed well, though. I give this an 8, 90%, for high proficiency. good job guys.

9-8 Demonstrates High Proficiency.
Obviously they know what they're doing. A little bit hard to follow though with the flow.

French IV says:
Pokemon, lawl. Anyways...
You guys did well, and Michael needs to speak louder because Ani was way too loud in comparison. Michael also needs to pronounce "tres bien" and "tres bier". Yay, good job guys.

Demonstrates High Proficiency:
9-8 : 94%

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