Chez le Coiffeur Lindsey et Shawn
Devoirs 12 février


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haha, you guys sound like the CD that comes with the book. Really awesome!
9! (High Proficiency) (98)

Amazoing dialogue
nice sound effects


Good pronunciation and dialogue. Error at end though.

9 98

my favorite part is the mess up at the end! 100!!

Really good pronunciation. Everything flows really well, like a real conversation. 9-98%

9. 98%

dialogue sounds very natural. pronunciation is very good.

i liked how the class was talking in the background, it made it sound more authentic.

Nice job! This sounds almost authentic! the flow of the conversation and the word useage seem second nature. I give this a 9, 98%, because there were few errors and fluid speech. this demonstrates high proficiency.

i'm not going to toot my own horn.

Demonstrates High Proficiency.
Perfect dialoge.
Next time I would make it more difficult to give you a challenge.
9-8 100%

Good flowing conversation!!
Authentic sounding!!

you guys sound reallyyy good, very very french =] 98% yay!

WOW. you guys sound like the people who work for the french book company. 9-98%

Demonstrates High Proficiency
9- 98%



c'est super!

9: 98%

Yay for excellent pronunciation!!
Jared says to write in French...


c'est super!

9: 98%

(yay for copying off of Jared)

dude yah that was super good ..couldint have done it better myself =]


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