French II

French II Les Repas/Course

Vocabulary Flash Cards - Meals and table settings Stores and quantities Quantities Le Marché- Fruits and vegetables 



Directions for Cooking Project


French II Vocabulaire La Maison Comparisons





Tâches Ménagères


Listening Exam Practice


You fill find listening practice here

French II Health and Fitness Vocabulary

Quizlet Vocabulary Partie 1


 Quizlet vocabulary Partie 2- La Routine Quotidienne


Manger Bouger site

French II Describing people

Objectives:Describing people (physical  and personality) with être and descriptive adjectives; reviewing verb  être, c'est vs. il/elle est.

Practice reading_mendel







Pre Activity

Complete the following adjective activities:


 Review the online vocabulary with  at the Classzone Unité 1 Flashcards



II.  Complete the following exercises from the Online Workbook Unité 1 at the AVERAGE level:
Adjective Agreement:

  • Langue et communication A: Les expressions avec être
  • Langue et communication B: Les adjectifs: forme et position
  • Langue et communication C. Quelques adjectifs irréguliers
  • Lague et communcation D: C'est ou il est

French II Aéroport




Objective- To learn the vocabulary for navigating French airports

Pre-Activity- Open a Word Document on which you will take notes and ask/answer questions ** The links for the video will be found in the assignment on Edmodo 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary from pp. 244 and 245 of your handout..
  2. On your Word document- Type top seven words you think you would need if you were traveling to a French speaking country. Use  to look up any words.
  3. Video 1- Watch the Comme Une Française video  and take notes on the important points of the video. What are the three biggest mistakes people make? What other questions do you have?
  4. Video 2- Watch the video Paris Charles de Gaule  What did you learn about navigating this airport? What new vocabulary did you learn?
  5. Bienvenue à bord . Watch the video and complete the activities. Which activity was your favorite? Least favorite?
  6. Mots de L’aéroport- Watch the vocabulary and complete the activities.  Which activity was your favorite? Least favorite?
  7. Reflection- On your word document, tell me what went well and what you would do differently. Turn your assignment into Edmodo.

Plan a regional trip 2


Basin at honfleur


You will plan a trip of four days and three nights



Slide 1- Name, class period

Slide 2- This is the title slide an map of your region

Circuit touristique à la découverte de la  _________ (Franche-Comté)  and include a map of the region.  (see  an example)

Slide 3 – Overview of the trip 

Pendant  6  jours, on vous propose de découvrir la region de la  ________(Franche-Comté). Située dans l'est de la France, la Franche-Comté est une région culturelle et historique.  The example has six days, but your tour only will be four days and three nights (Add  some  general  pictures here)

Slide  4 Jour 1-  Moyen de transport autobus/marche  (See an example here)


Arrivée à l’hébergement, installations dans les chambres

Dîner ( Fondue au Petit Château)

Slide  5 Jour 2-  Moyen de transport ( you will include your activities here)



Soirée- Dîner

Slide 6 – Jour 3 Moyen de transport



Soirée- Dîner

Slide 7  4 Moyen de transport  marche/autobus


Petit  déjeuner à  _____



Déjeuner  à

Autobus jusqu’à l’aéroport pour rentrer à la maison

Slide 8 Reflection

Slide 9 Bibliography